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Farm Management Software built on Business Intelligence that improves the “Pass Ratio” of your harvest and get ahead with Traceability.

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Grow your Farm.

Trace Farm Management Software assists an agribusiness from the beginning of a farming activity until its profitable evolution. An efficient agricultural software that provides guidelines for responsible farming. The systematic data handling helps a customer in traceability of a product down to its cultivation particulars. Maintain the trust and goodwill of your enterprise through farm traceability software for quality assurance and sustainable practices.

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Start improving productivity with the mobile app for farmers to collect data and implement agronomic expertise of your company through data driven cropping cycles, weather monitoring and pest detection algorithms, Global GAP and best practice videos and sustainable food safety compliance all in one place.

Highly customizable digital solution for an aggregated overview of sourcing clean and green raw materials. Control production daily by adhering to exact company processes that ensure customer parameters such as standard compliance, traceability, highest quality. Take better decisions by reducing errors of production that ensure profitability.

Assure pass ratio of sources that help you match the compliance obligations. The AI-based segregation of lots ensures the success rate of the product without compromising on the quality. Trace helps you easily identify EU, Jap, USFDA compliant lot with its powerful agriculture data analytics.

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We help on every stage of crop production

We understand and value your tedious effort to source high-quality food produce. Trace Smart Farm Management Software connects you with farmers from day one to:



  • Field activities
  • Harvest
  • Delivery
  • Crop storage
  • Field staff visits



  • Farm activities
  • Crop details
  • Pest and disease alerts
  • Fertilizers and chemicals
  • Lab results



  • Farm Productivity
  • Multiple crops
  • Pest and Diseases
  • Contact farmers yield
  • Sustainable Practices



  • Yield
  • Pass percentage
  • Production cost
  • Pesticide application
  • Field staff performance

What are our clients saying?

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We make Agribusiness stronger



Data-driven farm software to ensure maximum ROI

Manage all your farming data in one place to monitor from the initial stages of seeds to fertilizers, chemicals and track day-wise activities of farmers. Gives you control over raw materials thus ensuring increased productivity through data-driven cropping cycles for higher yield.



Transform your Data to profitable decisions

Agriculture big data analytics using a unique algorithm to improve the pass ratio of sources. Helps exporters to match the compliance obligations based on AI to segregate farmer lots. Easily identify EU, Jap, USFDA compliant lots with our powerful analytics.

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To provide a holistic ecosystem founded on the sustainable development goals to add value to crop production for a safe, efficient and profitable agribusiness.

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Director of Trace Agtech

Nipulal Arumughom

Director of Trace Agtech

An idea rooted in experience

Trace is the brainchild of our director Nipulal who set out on a journey to solve the intricacies of the agribusiness coupled with a team of dedicated computer programmers. With his extensive 33 years of experience in the field of agriculture and exporting and as the Business Head for one of the largest spice exporting companies in India, his insights are deeply rooted in the farm.

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