An idea rooted in experience

Trace AgTech was conceptualised organically based on the needs felt when two people of necessary and complementary capabilities came together - Nipulal, with decades of experience in the agricultural field & a world traveller and Dennis, a whiz kid in software development. They set out on a journey to solve the intricacies of the agribusiness coupled with a team of dedicated computer programmers.

Nipulal's extensive 33 years of experience in the field of agriculture and exporting and as the Business Head for one of the largest spice exporting companies in India, his insights are deeply rooted in the farm. He understood the practical problems faced by the industry and worked on providing simple and easy to use cloud farming solutions that helped the industry not only to improve quality and reduce the cost of raw materials, but also provide a tool to gain more customer confidence and trust.

According to him an agribusiness is grappling with a multitude of issues such as:

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  • Traceability of Raw Materials
  • Sustainability of Farm Practices
  • Raw Materials high in pesticide residues
  • Presence of toxins such as Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin
  • Managing large number of contract farmers
  • Realtime collection and analysis of Farm Data
  • Stringent customer audits of your contract farming / backward integration program.
  • Easy segregation of lots based on MRLs and other quality parameters
  • High Rejection percentage of farm produce in spite of your best efforts
  • Tracking of field visits by field executives.
  • Realtime support to problems faced by farmers.

At the same time, he realized that the farmers are not fully engaged or supported. There were many gaps:

Farmers have to travel far to consult a crop expert.

Farmers’ interaction amongst themselves is very limited. No Community feeling

Limited access to weather forecast to plan their activities

No access to good agricultural practices

No visibility regarding market demand.

No tool to record and analyse the farm expenses.

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Trace Farm Management Software connects Agribusiness Companies with its contract farmers, a complete digital agriculture solution integrated in technology to resolve the challenges throughout the Supply Chain. The only software for agricultural management you require for agricultural intelligence to tackle problems from farm to fork.

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