TRACE Analytics

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Transform your Data to profitable decisions

Dissect the field data using our insightful reporting tools to arrive at informed decisions.

Ready To Use Features

Compare farm to farm productivity

Insight on each farmers performance

Understand the cropping cycles that work for you

Pesticide usage analytics

Automated mutual blending of lots for quality compliance

Ensure non rejection of the produces

Captures regional climatic conditions for analysis

Get the sustainability module right

Trace the performance of each team, field staff at your fingertip

Say no to end numbers of spreadsheets

Application Demo Image

Transform your Data to profitable decisions

Trace farm analytics software is the digital solution that uses a unique algorithm to improve the pass ratio of sources that help you match the compliance obligations. The mutual blending of the lots from multiple farmers will be impossible to be done manually. The AI-based segregation of lots ensures the success rate of the product without compromising on the quality. Trace helps you easily identify EU, Jap, USFDA compliant lot with its powerful analytics.

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