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Enhance your farm through digitally optimized agronomical practices and control production.

Accomplish accurate yield that adheres to food safety compliance and certification with Trace farm management software. We ensure unparalleled support from companies to assist farmers to hurdle challenges all season long.

Ready To Use Features

Automation of farmers diary

Yield Prediction

Advanced Pest Detection Algorithms

Anticipate the impact of the climate

Best Practice Knowledge

Reduce errors & cost of production

Advanced 7-day local weather forecast

Pest detection assistance

Sustainable guidelines for food safety compliance

Nitrogen Monitoring and Management

Escalate alerts to protect crops timely

Harvesting, Sampling, Purchase modules

Capture alerts to HQ for real-time solutions

GEO Tagging and easy Perimeter mapping

Messages in farmers local language

Prompt for pending activities based on the package of practice

Application Demo Image

Technology that works for farmers

Through Trace smart farm management software farmers can solve real-time problems with the timely intervention of the company’s extensive R&D and agricultural knowledge base. Farmers get the most out of the agronomy expertise of the company to hit the yield target. Supervise from each farm to farmer to plan, monitor, and analyze all activities on the farm easily to execute the best decisions at the right time.

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