Ace the Race in the Seed Market with a Farm Management Software.

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Jan 10, 2022 - 3 min read

Ace the Race in the Seed Market with a Farm Management Software.


Seeds are the most important raw material in cultivation. The Seed Production Market is a lucrative business option that deals in producing and selling high quality seeds. The global seed market size is projected to reach USD 87 billion by 2026, with a growth rate of 6.6%. The increase in food demand due to population rise is directly proportional to the growth rate of this crucial industry. The advancement in technology has also driven the competition to create the most stable and high performance seeds for cultivation in adverse weather and climate changes.


Indian Seed Market


Wheat, paddy and vegetables are the three main crops in the Seed market in India. Public and private sector companies are involved in the Indian Seed Market producing a tight competition. The central government’s Indian Seeds Program recognizes three stages of seed production, namely, breeder, foundation and certified seeds.


The three main varieties of seeds used in Indian agriculture are,


  • Traditional stored by farmers to sow in the next cycle.
  • Hybrid obtained by cross pollination that combines different varieties to get desired traits.
  • Genetically Modified (GM) seeds are developed in laboratories by genetic engineering by combining genes of different organisms.


Challenges faced by the Seed Production Industry


  • Quality: The quality of the seed determines the quality of the produce. Farmers who use traditional seeds are often pressed for quality and productivity of crops and hence rely heavily on the use of chemicals to increase productivity. This, in turn, harms human health and the environment.
  • Price: farmers who are economically backward find it difficult to procure high quality GM seeds which are usually on the expensive side. This pushes them further down on quality.
  • Availability: Seeds need to be available at the right time for cultivation precisely because time and tide waits for no man!
  • Storage: The shelf life of seeds varies according to many factors and can become a costly affair for ordinary farmers with basic storage facilities.

How can we help?

Simple! A Farm Management Software!

A Farm Management Software (FMS) can streamline the entire seed production program in such a way to give you better control on all the stakeholders, such as:

FARMERS – one on one monitoring for each farmer and their crop

SEED PRODUCTION – uniformly organize cultivation for output of uniform quality from different farms

SOURCING – sourcing output according to quality, quantity etc.

QUALITY TESTING – quality testing to organize output into different lots according to the needs of the buyers.

A Farm Management Software (FMS) thus makes your Seed Production Business more effective and less cumbersome. Some of its important features are as follows,


  • Pre-set criteria for selection of eligible farmers
  • Geo fencing for each field
  • Dashboard on crop wise seed production in the field
  • Documentation of all relevant farm activities and chemicals applied
  • Efficient control of pests and diseases
  • Tracking field staff movements
  • Sourcing directly from fields
  • Testing and documentation of quality results
  • Training module for farmers and field staff.

Trace AgTech is an intuitive and feature rich farm management software that will integrate all of your contract farms and farmers on a single platform. It helps you in digitizing farm diaries, geo-fencing farms, pest/disease control, real-time support to farmers, expense tracking, yield forecasting, buying, quality control, farm audits, traceability, sustainability, training master trainers (TOT) & farmers, monitoring & managing field staff, etc.

Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

Lets talk to make it happen.

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