5 Ways to Increase Crop Yield using a Farm Management Software

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Aug 28, 2021 - 3 min read

5 Ways to Increase Crop Yield using a Farm Management Software

What is Crop Yield?

Crop Yield means the quantity of farm produce that is reaped from an agricultural plot per unit area (e.g. crop yield per hectare). How to increase crop yield?

It is dependent on many factors like fertilizer usage, farming practices, favorable weather etc.

An increase in crop yield may not directly translate to increased profitability but it is definitely the primary step to fulfill that long term goal. For harvesting the best yield, a farmer should be able to optimize the usage of all available resources. The yield suffers when this insight is forfeited due to lack of knowledge about optimal resource consumption and expert advice.

A Farm Software is a versatile tool that can help you sort out the perfect recipe for a greater yield by providing you real time assistance in the form of technical and practical knowledge and tools. A farm software is also equipped to provide crop yield prediction using Machine Learning.


  1. Constant Monitoring: The data on everything regarding your crop is made available through a mobile app right into your hands. This makes it easy for the farmer to monitor all the processes that are going on simultaneously and never missing out on any aspect. Field staff can constantly assist the farmers through the app for real time decision making. Real time stats are readily available through the app and it even works offline!
  2. Fertilizer administration: Soil health is of paramount importance to crop growth and fertilizer plays a very critical role in this. The amount of fertilizer to be administered and the appropriate timings to do this as per the requirements of the crop and the soil is given by the FMS after considering many factors such as the quality of the seed, weather conditions, soil PH level etc.
  3. Pest Control: Over dosage or the use of a wrong pesticides will not only increase the farm expense but also affect the quality of the yield and the sustainable standards required by the client. Therefore, it is important to employ the right concentration of the correct pesticide, which is exactly what an FMS can do!
  4. Expert Knowledge: A farm is located far away from knowledge centers such as agricultural universities, research stations or offices. If timely help is not provided to farmers who are facing problems in the field, the crop yield could be adversely affected. An FMS provides expert knowledge from experienced individuals for each concern voiced by the farmer and in real time.
  5. Training module: Most farmers follow traditional farming practices. They have to be educated on modern farming practices that will increase farm yield. An FMS is an excellent platform for reaching these GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to farmers. The platform can load training videos that the farmers can access and view even in offline modes.

In conclusion, crop yield can be enhanced only through the effective use of available resources. An FMS can assist you in optimizing your farm activities through prudent use of assets at your disposal. Crop yield prediction dataset enables you to plan for the storage and processing of the produce as soon as it is harvested. It provides you with a scientific framework for the cultivation process and deep insights into farm activities, all backed by experts in the field.

Trace AgTech features all the above mentioned solutions to your farming woes with its state of the art technological services in the latest versions. Trace equips the farmers with a mobile app that features a simple but effective user interface where farm data can be entered and feedback received for their queries, in real time. It has the potential to integrate with IOT to efficiently administer fertilizers and pesticides in exact amounts required to each plant through irrigation systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones.

A Farm Management Software is not just an addition to your farm, but a true profitable investment. Watch out for the next blog about Cloud Farming and how your agribusiness can benefit from it!

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