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Traceability is the ability to track the products backward in the timeline of its journey from seed to dish. It is important for the food processing industry to track the origin, ratio and proportion of the raw materials or ingredients that goes into the making of its product. Todays consumers are well versed in healthy and sustainable eating habits. They demand to know the whereabouts of the food they are buying from your business, sometimes even down to the particulars of labor used in production.


Producers also need to keep a log of the exact amount of produce that is consumed and the balance generated after the processing to make sense of their efficiency status. The more the traceability information, higher is your chances to pinpoint faulty areas and withdraw product, if needed, thereby saving cost.


Therefore, Traceability is extremely important for today’s agribusinesses. And we have an efficient tool to gather and document all this information in the form of a Farm Management Software (FMS). The Digital Farmer’s Diary is a module that is an integral part of a Farm Management Software (FMS) which can be used to record all the information regarding the cultivation and harvesting of a crop.


A Digital Farmer’s Diary can be used to record cultivation particulars like,


  • Geolocation of the farm
  • Farmer details
  • Sowing particulars like variety of seed, time of sowing, aftercare etc.
  • Topography details like soil type, PH level and geographic particulars
  • Daily Weather information during the time of cultivation and harvesting
  • Details regarding labor used during cultivation
  • Pictures of the crop during cultivation and harvest
  • Information on the use of Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers on the crop
  • Irrigation particulars
  • Harvest date and the yield
  • Farming contract information
  • Field visit particulars
  • Training and follow ups


Trace Agtech, true to its name, is an experienced company who can assist you in increasing the traceability of your agribusiness. Trace Agtech employs Blockchain technology to ensure data protection and avoid manipulation. They also utilize Artificial Intelligence technology in lot segregation and blending. Trace Agtech offers a Farm Management Software (FMS) that integrates these technologies to make a sustainable traceability module for your agribusiness.


The main features of our Digital Farmers Diary are:


MOBILE APPLICATION: Farmers or your field executives can utilize our user friendly mobile app to enter daily data regarding the crop. The app can be customized to suit the needs for different farmers like their local language.


OFFLINE MODE: The digital farmer’s diary can be used in the offline mode also which makes it useful in remote locations.


TRAINING MODULE: Farmers can be trained in online mode using the app. Videos regarding common problems faced by farmers and better farming practices can be made available even in offline mode.


EXPERT ADVICE: Expert interaction can be made available to solve unforeseen dilemmas and difficulties at the click of a button 24/7. This improves decision making at crucial moments.


CUSTOMER ACCESS: Provide access to your customers to see the progress at the farms of farmers allocated to those customers.


QR CODES: QR Codes attached to bags from the bags and on the bags at each stage of transport or processing helps in documenting the complete traceability.


SIMPLE BUT COMPREHENSIVE DASHBOARD: The Digital Farmer’s Diary has a user friendly interface that provides all necessary information at your fingertips to help you easily monitor the progress of your backward integration project at various locations.


Trace Agtech is an intuitive and feature rich farm management software that will integrate all of your contract farms and farmers on a single platform. It helps you in digitizing farm diaries, geo-fencing farms, pest/disease control, real-time support to farmers, expense tracking, yield forecasting, buying, quality control, farm audits, traceability, sustainability, training master trainers (TOT) & farmers, monitoring & managing field staff, etc.



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