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Farm Management Software: The pace at which the world is changing with the advancement in science and technology is beyond belief. Every facet of our day to day life is highly involved in this transformation, making our needs more specific and individualized. The Agriculture Industry involves traditional farming practices that are essential to our livelihood and this change is reflected here with the introduction of Farm Management Systems. In this article we share with you the top 10 Farm Management Software: Trace Agtech, Cropwise Operation, Granular, Farm Brite, Crop Tracker, Conservis, Climate FieldView, Trimble, Farm ERP. 


Trace Agtech's farm management software

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A Farm Management Software (FMS) is a tool that can enable you to control and monitor your agribusiness using the most advanced technology to reap the maximum profit you can from it. A Farm  Software helps you to optimize your crop cultivation as well as factory operations with smart farm management tools to make it more profitable and also adheres to the principles of Traceability and Sustainable agriculture.

The agriculture software market hosts a wonderful range of agricultural management startups that makes use of the most modern and effective smart farming technology. Here we have a list of the 10 best Farm Management Software and their important features!


1. TRACE AGTECH: Farm Management Software 


TRACE AGTECH is an intuitive and feature-rich farm management software that will integrate all of your contract farms and farmers on a single platform. The softwarw has everything you need to manage your agribusiness in line with traceability, sustainable agriculture and smart farming techniques. Their unique platform is highly customisable and can be modified according to your needs in terms of data collection, report generation, monitoring and management.

Trace Agtech provides services under three heads namely, Trace Agronomy, Trace Analytics and Trace Business. It helps you in digitizing farm diaries, geo-fencing farms, pest/disease control, real-time support to farmers, expense tracking, yield forecasting, buying, quality control, farm audits, traceability, sustainability, training master trainers (TOT) & farmers, monitoring & managing field staff, warehouse and inventory management, factory operations, customer interface, etc.


Farm management software


What makes Trace stand out in the realm of smart farm management software is the vast trove of experience of its founding members in the area of agricultural management and software solutions. Firsthand experience in the risks and difficulties associated with management of agricultural produce and farming has led the founders of Trace to cater to these needs efficiently. Their mission is to provide a holistic system based on the pillars of Sustainable Agriculture. They have a large base of successful names in their illustrious list of clients.


2. CROPWISE OPERATION: Farm Management Software 


Cropwise operations, previously known as Cropio, is an agricultural management software that provides an all-in-one farming solution which includes field history, climate and weather updates, livestreaming farm activities, data management and soil management among other features. Their operations have divided their services into Agro and Telematics. Agro services include Field History, Vegetation Map, Crop Recognition, Calibrated Data, Soil statistics, Harvest Forecast and Yield Estimate History. Telematics include Automatic Alerts, Daily Plan, Record Keeping, Movement and Agricultural Works Progress, Flexible Sensor Configuration, Live Stream etc.


Farm management software




Farming for the future is how Granular describes themselves. Granular provides deep insights into decision making. This is done through data management along with tools like geo mapping, seed variegation, yield forecasting etc. They provide software that collects, synthesizes and analyzes data on farm business processes like planning, budgeting, cost and inventory management, marketing, etc. Granular Insights provide financial charts and agronomic map layers to determine the right time, technique and seed to plant and correct issues faster.  Their Agronomy provides soil productivity enhancements to attain field goals. The software streamlines business and team management.


Farm management software




Farm Brite gives you streamlined farm software for livestock and crops. Their livestock management software takes care of breed management, optimizes grazing rotations and soil health, secure critical records and documents, improve animal health, gains and yields etc. The farm software by Farmbrite takes care of tracking, record keeping, crop health and production, soil health etc. Farmbrite also provides an e-commerce store service that lets you market and sell your product online directly to the clients. 


Farm management software




Croptracker’s farm management software helps you manage agriculture. They keep accurate records, measure performance, and track labor and production costs in fruit and vegetable farms. Croptracker enables you to schedule production activities and provide instructions to the crew while tracking them. They have a comprehensive support team to assist you every step of the way. 


Farm management software


7. CONSERVIS: Agriculture Management Software


Conservis is a farm management software that helps to plan the work, communicate with the laborers, track and manage field activity and project the cost of the farming activity. They believe in solving conventional farming problems like recordkeeping, inventory and logistics by digitization. Conservis collects and analyzes farm data to make sense of the monetary flow.





Climate Fieldview provides farm management software and data analysis services that provide insights into smart farming. They also monitor crop health and manage inputs used during cultivation. Their main services include Data Connectivity, Data Visualization, Crop Performance Analysis, Field Health Imagery, Variable Rate Prescriptions, Fertility and Crop Protection etc.





This vast company provides smart solutions to a wide variety of industries including agriculture. Trimble provides precision farming assistance to agricultural ventures around the globe keeping in mind a commitment towards the planet. They assist in Land Preparation, Planting and Seeding, Implement control, Input Management, Harvest solutions, Water management etc.




The farm management software platform, Farm ERP assists agricultural stakeholders. They help across the entire value chain in planning, management, accounting, inventory, sales, and many more solutions. They offer services based on their foundational pillars of sustainability, traceability, food safety and climate resilience. Plantation farming packs, Exporters and packers Pack, Plant Biotech Pack, Hydroponics Pack, Livestock Pack etc. are services offered by Farm ERP.



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