Train your Farmers Efficiently and Successfully with a Farm Management Software (FMS)

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Nov 10, 2021 - 3 min read

Train your Farmers Efficiently and Successfully with a Farm Management Software (FMS)


Every agribusiness and contract farm will have a tried and tested recipe for successful farming activity. The key to getting all the farmers under an agribusiness to deliver uniformly and optimally in terms of their vision and mission is to train them efficiently and monitor them constantly. This is easier said than done as it involves the following obstacles,


  • Remote locations of the farms
  • Lack of training to the Master Trainers
  • Lack of connectivity
  • Outdated ways of gathering data
  • Lack of data analytics
  • Difficulty in follow ups and constant monitoring


A Farm Management Software can solve all these problems under a single platform. Its advanced technology can integrate all training activities to be uniformly implemented on all farms under an agribusiness. A Farm Software can:


1. Plan and track training schedule for the Master Trainers

The first task in any farmer training program is to ensure that the trainer, which usually is the field executive in charge of those farmers, is trained well on the topic. Otherwise not only will the training go ineffective, but the farmer will also lose confidence in the trainer and the project as a whole.


2. Create a Training Calendar for the farmers

After the trainers are trained they can proceed with the farmer training based on the annual training calendar. Details of the training conducted can be captured directly into the app. Training details are compiled and analyzed into meaningful reports for easy monitoring and tracking.


3. Remotely locate farmers

Data from farmers at places that are less reachable can be made readily available through advanced technology.


4. Obtain offline data analysis for field staff through mobile phones

The daily activities of the field staff can be tracked through the mobile phones even with no internet connectivity for remote areas.


5. Be a user friendly mobile app for Farmers

A user-friendly interface for the farmer’s mobile app is useful for illiterate farmers in rural areas. The app provided for farmers can be loaded with training contents in the form of videos, ppts and other such formats. Any number of such training materials can be uploaded which can be viewed by the farmer or the training executives in offline mode or can be downloaded to view later.

The cherry on top is that the app can even be made available in the local language.


6. Give feedback questionnaires

To assess the impact of the training and to infer true reports, feedback questionnaires can be set up through the mobile apps as well.


7. Get training statistics

A Farm Management Software can perform advanced data analytics to give you information regarding the farmer, trainer time, place, crop etc. involved in a particular training schedule.

Trace AgTech can equip your agribusiness with their Farm Management Software that executes all the above functions as well as additional features like:

1. Survey

Surveys can be conducted through the app to assess the efficacy of the training completed.

2. Data analytics

Correlate training output between trained and untrained farmers.



Training and feedback is considered one of the toughest jobs to carry out in a contract farming scenario because of the varied nature of different farmers and different levels of knowhow and resources associated with each of them. Trace AgTech can assist your agribusiness in drawing out the best performance from your farmers according to your preferences in the most efficient manner. Each well trained farmer is an increased promise in the quality of your produce.


Trace AgTech is an intuitive and feature rich farm management software that will integrate all of your contract farms and farmers on a single platform. It helps you in digitizing farm diaries, geo-fencing farms, pest/disease control, real-time support to farmers, expense tracking, yield forecasting, buying, quality control, farm audits, traceability, sustainability, training master trainers (TOT) & farmers, monitoring & managing field staff, etc.


Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

Lets talk to make it happen.

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