Contract Farms & Pandemic – Farm management software can help you

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Jun 9, 2021 - 3 min read

Contract Farming & Pandemic – Farm management software can help you



The Covid-19 Pandemic bought the whole world to a standstill as nations imposed lockdowns and travel bans to contain the virus. The food and agricultural system and contract farming is one of the worst hit spheres of the world economy. The travel ban, lockdowns, quarantine restrictions and other emergency protocols adopted by governments affected all areas of agriculture and food businesses.

To be more precise, agribusinesses and their contract farming found themselves in the midst of:

  • Difficulty in visiting farms: agribusinesses could not reach out to farmers for tracking and monitoring the field activities.
  • Non-Availability of farm inputs: difficult to provide real time effective inputs and advises to farmers.
  • Difficulty in forecasting the harvest: unpredictable elements disrupting harvest planning and the consolidation of harvest produces
  • Inability of customers to audit farms: post pandemic travel restrictions interrupting customer visits to monitor quality of produce.

All these problems affected some agribusinesses and to their contract farming more than others. Why?

How were a few of them able to reduce these impacts and stand their ground even when being cut off from the rest of the world?

A SINGLE SOLUTION for MULTIPLE PROBLEMS sounds too good to be true. But that’s where you hit the jackpot!

A Farm Management Software is a must have tool in this dynamic agricultural setup, post pandemic. Here’s why:

REAL TIME TRACKING: Now farmers are also given mobile apps to manage their farms. The farmers can escalate alerts, share messages in the form of voice and images and interact with the field staff for real-time solutions.

TIMELY FARM INPUTS: the farm input module of an FMS can help consolidate and distribute farm inputs more efficiently to your farmers.

HARVEST PLANNING: using the mobile app, farmers can alert the agribusiness about the quantity of produce that is ready at a given time. This information can be compiled to effectively plan the procurement and storage. Satellite image technologies and other smart farming technologies can assist in meticulous and effective planning even during these uncertain times.

TRANSPARENCY AND TRACEABILITY: It was conventional for customers to visit the field every year to have market insights. A good FMS can provide a platform for the customers to follow and monitor activities in the farm sitting at their office, even if there is are travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. This will definitely boost customer confidence in your operations.


The Pandemic has created an immediate need for crisis management plans for agribusinesses and the overall food systems of the world. The atypical conditions bought about by the disease has affected all areas of agribusinesses. The disruption of the flow of supply chains, labor availability, physical isolation etc. proved detrimental to many agribusinesses but many others thrived through effective planning and smart agricultural technologies. A Farm Management Software has the potential to turn around surprise risks like the pandemic through its solid technological foundations by bypassing physical interactions and turning completely digital, and available at your fingertips.­­­

Be ready for it when another global situation threatens to throw you out of your comfort zone. In short, get a Farm Management Software for your agribusiness! Fortified with an impenetrable foundation of Blockchain Technology, a Farm Management Software is a reliable and smart choice for your agribusiness.

For more about this Blockchain foundation, stay tuned!

Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

Lets talk to make it happen.

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