Increase Agribusiness Profitability using Artificial Intelligence.

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Aug 17, 2021 - 3 min read

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture to Increase Agribusiness Profitability


Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture is an innovative technology that enables machines to think and act like the human brain. As the name suggests, AI focusses on simulating the human thought process involving reasoning, perception and problem solving skills.

How is Artificial Intelligence in agriculture relevant?

Well, imagine if you could determine that the plants were pest free or if the crop were at the right stage to be harvested, WITHOUT HAVING TO VISIT EVERY SINGLE PLANT? Or if you could trust someone else to irrigate the field precisely without wasting water and administering the correct amount to each crop? That’s the promise of AI. It can be used to solve many a challenge faced by farmers and agribusinesses, ranging from irrigation and pest control to transportation and storage. AI plays a vital role in Farm Management Softwares (FMS) in reducing effort without compromising on quality of farming.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural Profitability.


  • any deviation in the farm activity, like irrigation, fertilizer administration, etc. ca be spotted on time and corrected.
  • usual problems like, pests or disease can be identified and nipped in the bud

Risk Mitigation

  • potential risks are identified based on geographical data and weather forecasting
  • farmers can be forewarned of disease spread and other such problems through data gathered from an area

Storage and Transport

  • lots can be traced through QR codes
  • reduces losses during storage and transport

Decision Making

  • purchase decisions can be made according to the price trend analysis

A Farm Management Software (FMS) synchronizes all the Artificial Intelligence based applications that runs on the farm with other vital operations to give you a hassle free and profitable farming experience. AI based futuristic farm tools is the way to move forward in your agribusiness as the world is increasingly becoming digitized.


Artificial Intelligence is in the process of revolutionizing the agricultural sector and it is undoubtedly effective in increasing profitability. AI addresses the key challenges faced by farmers, namely,

  • Labor Shortage
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Decision making
  • Traceability

AI is here to help you build your agricultural empire by eliminating the usual hurdles and giving you a head start over your competitors. The future of agriculture begins here. Jump on, it will be a quick ride to your dream destination.

Trace AGTech is a frontline player in this arena and brings you all these latest technologies in its most advanced avatar. Equip your agribusiness with futuristic solutions from Trace AGTech to solve your farm dilemmas and race to your productivity and sustainability goals without burning a gaping hole in your pocket. Happy Farming!

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