Back to the Roots: Traceability in Agribusiness

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Sep 20, 2021 - 3 min read


Back to the Roots: Traceability in Agribusiness


Tracking and Traceability are two indispensable words in the agricultural and food processing industry today. Especially for businesses engaged in procuring agricultural produce from farmers and exporting to developed countries. The implications of both these processes are highly intertwined with each other. Tracking means the ability to follow the product from its origin to its final destination in the supply chain, while tracing is the ability to track the products backward in the timeline. The food processing industry tracks the ratio and proportion of the raw materials or ingredients that goes into the making of its product. They keep a log of the exact quantity of produce that is consumed and the balance generated after the processing.


Traceability in Food Industry

When it comes to consumers, the adage Customer is King applies wholly to Traceability. Consumers are not passive buyers of products anymore. They are spoiled for choice with the vast array of products in the market. They are educated about the agricultural processes that concern the earliest points of the supply chain.


Why is food traceability important?

A consumer’s choice of your product could depend on not just the main farming activity or the factory processing but also on many other factors like,

The success mantra is to provide transparent information about our produce from farm to fork. The credibility that is built from true transparency is unbeatable in the market today.




Farm Management Software (FMS) for Complete Traceability

A Farm Management Software (FMS) is fully equipped to record all the information concerning an agricultural produce with its wide variety of technological tools. A Farm Software is designed to support traceability at multiple levels. It gives you field level information from the beginning of the farming activity.


  1. Farming activity
    A Farm Management Software records all farming activity in the field level, like,

    • Seeds and sowing particulars
    • Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers used and its frequency
    • Irrigation
    • Pictures of different stages of growth
    • Weather during farming
    • Time of harvest
  2. Packaging
    The harvested yield is classified into lots and QR coded or RFID tagged with all the necessary data like,

    • Farm details
    • Farmer particulars
    • Farmer diary
    • Seasonal details
    • Quality certifications
    • Transport and storage details from farm to final destination
  3. Factory processing
    The lots from different farmers come together at the factory where they are blended or processed in various proportions to deliver the final product. This information can also be made available through the QR code.

Trace AgTech

Trace AgTech, true to its name, is an experienced company who can assist you in increasing transparency and traceability of your agribusiness right from farmer selection, crop management, buying, quality testing and stock keeping. It employs Block chain technology to ensure data protection and avoid manipulation. We also utilize Artificial Intelligence technology in lot segregation and blending.


Trace AgTech offers a Farm Management Software (FMS) that integrates these technologies to make a sustainable traceability module for your agribusiness.


To conclude, Traceability is the key to ensuring the trust of customers today be it in a B2B or B2C situation. A Farm Management Software (FMS) guarantees the recording of all farm data concerned with the crop from sowing to the final product. A Farm Software, like Trace AgTech, can warrant that your customers come back to you because of your excellent service.



Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

Lets talk to make it happen.

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