PM Kisan Registration 2023

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PM Kisan Registration 2023


When it comes to the economy of India, the food industry plays a major role. Farmers are the backbone of the nation and are in food processing. Farmers must register themselves with government institutions to be able to access financial and insurance subsidies. The farmers will have a better chance of securing the rights to use these funds if they register themselves. These subsidies are for less substantial farming activities. Farmers check if they are registered to get the advantages to determine whether or not they are eligible for them. It is essential to be aware that registration is a time-consuming procedure, and for the farmers to be eligible for the benefits, they will need to provide evidence that they are operating their farms legally. As a result of this, the farmer must sign up for this registration system.


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We are one of the largest online, platforms that provide registration services for farmers across India. We provide all the necessary documentation for farmer registration. In addition, we also make sure that the farmers are registered within the specified time frame. We provide the latest information about the agriculture industry in the country. With us, you can find the right government department for getting your issues solved. 


For the process of farmers’ registration and storing the records related to crops, we use Trace AgTech’s robust software. It is a trace farm management software, a type of application that registers detailed information of farmers. The trace farming management software makes it easy to keep track of everything that happens to your crops. If you are a farmer, you will be happy to know that a trace farming management system will help you to manage your farm more efficiently. 



Filling out the registration form, which you can customize based on the information you supply, is the first step in the process of registering for a farming license. This can be done by following the instructions on the form. If you use this method, you will easily be able to import the historical data of farmers from Excel, and you will also be able to make changes to the data that has already been imported.


A software application for this system has been built, and it now facilitates the registration process for farmers. Using the mobile application that is provided by this system, you can register the data of new farmers. This application also allows to audit and authentication of farmer details that they provide while registering. It can capture a farmer’s ID to validate registration and keep track of his record. This record would include historical information about the farmers. This record also involves detailed information on land and stores all of its documents. 


How Geofencing Works?


Geofencing is an excellent alternative for farmers who want to keep track of the location of their crops and how they are developing. The use of this technology grants farmers the ability to construct particular fences around a field. The farmer will be able to monitor the development of the plants in the field thanks to this technological advancement. 


This is significant because it enables the farmer to track the development of the plants he is growing. The Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio frequency identification are two examples of the technologies utilized in geofencing (RFID). In addition to this, it makes navigating the farmers easier.


Organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, that collaborate with farmers recognize the significance of compiling farmer profiles. To collect data about farmers, the authorities need to have access to information that is accurate and dependable. 


For instance, in order to determine whether or not it is necessary to provide funds for agriculture initiatives, the government agency will require information regarding the kind of crops that are cultivated and gathered in a given region. 


The non-government organization that works with farmers will need to know the location of each farm to find out how much funding can be provided for farm projects. It is quite possible to acquire accurate statistics by keeping track of a farmer’s activities over a while. Because of this, it is difficult to recall in great detail exactly what they did a year or two ago. Consequently, utilizing this method enables us to save all of this information in one location, where it can be accessed anytime, we see fit.


Let’s get to know about PM KISAN Registration


It is a program run by the Ministry of Agriculture in the country. The incomes of the farm families are going to see an increase as a direct result of this program’s efforts. Farmers can make an application for the subsidy and to receive the money. Farmers need to be registered with the government as cultivators in order to be eligible for the PM-Kisan scheme.


The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) is a Central Sector Scheme launched by the Government of India to provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers. 


It was launched on 1 April 2015. Farmers receive supplemental financial support through this program, which allows them to purchase a variety of inputs connected to agricultural and allied industries, as well as meet their personal requirements.


The scheme provides an income support of Rs. 6000 per year to eligible beneficiaries. Here are the steps to apply for PM-Kisan Samman Yojana online registration form:


Once the PM Kisan Registration process is done, your application will be reviewed and verified by  authorities. If your application is approved, you will receive the benefits of the scheme.




Asian middle aged farmer man wearing straw hat write on clipboard in rice field with smile during keep data with Smart farming Agriculture technology and organic agriculture



Make sure to follow these guidelines before applying:


  1. Ways to apply for PM Kisan


  • The eligible farmers can apply for this scheme with revenue officials, village Patwaris, or other designated officers or agencies by submitting the required information.
  • The eligible farmers can visit their nearest Common Service Centers (CSCs) for registration under the scheme upon payment of fees.
  • The eligible farmers can also self-register on the PM-Kisan portal via Farmers Corner.


  1. Required Information


  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Contact number.
  • Category (SC/ST).
  • Aadhaar Number (if the Aadhaar number is not issued, you will need to provide your Aadhaar Enrollment Number in addition to any document prescribed for identification, such as your Voter’s ID, your Driving License, your NREGA Job Card, or any other identification issued by the Central Government, a State Government, or the UT Government.).
  • Your Bank Account Number.


PM Kisan Registration Process


Follow the instructions and steps for the registration process as mentioned below:


1) Open the PM-Kisan portal

2) Click the ‘New Farmer Registration’ option in the ‘Farmers Corner’ section.

3) The page titled “New Farmer Registration Form” will load. On the registration page, it will determine whether the farmer is already registered on the portal.

4) To ensure verification, the farmer must select the ‘Rural Farmer Registration’ or ‘Urban Farmer Registration’ option, enter the Aadhar Number, select the state from the drop-down menu, enter the captcha, and click the ‘Search’ button.

5) If the farmer’s information is not recognized in the database, the page will display a confirmation and prompt the user to register. The farmer then must select the “Yes” tab.

6) The registration form will open, where the farmer must enter their personal and banking information before clicking “save.”

7) The farmer must complete the registration procedure by following the instructions provided on the page.



PM Kisan Registration Process Using Mobile App


 Here are some steps to follow if you are registering through a mobile app:

  • Install and open the PMKISAN mobile app on your device, select the language you wish to use from the drop-down menu, and then select the “New Farmer Registration” button.
  • Please enter your Aadhar card number together with the Captcha code, and then click the “Continue” button.
  • Fill out the registration form with the necessary information, such as your name, address, bank information, IFSC code, land information, and so on, and then click the “Submit” button to


Farmers who have previously registered for the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana can use the program’s official web portal to check the current standing of their application. Applicants who have not successfully submit all of the required documentation in order to join  for the PMKSNY scheme will not be eligible to receive any funds in their accounts. Farmers will check if all of the required documentation before the installment money can be deposited into their bank accounts.


Under the PM Kisan scheme, the government has introduced several new provisions and benefits. One of these is the provision of the PM Kisan Yojana, which is a social security scheme that provides financial assistance to small and marginal farmers. Farmers over the age of 60 years who are willing to join this scheme can do so. They have the option of choosing between two options – one which provides social security up to the age of 70 years, and the other one that provides social security until the age of 75 years.

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