Increase Your Efficiency In Farms With Trace AgTech

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Jul 25, 2022 - 4 min read

Increase Your Efficiency In Farms With Trace AgTech



Farm Productivity With Trace Agtech


Increasing farm productivity is the main objective for any agri-business. With Trace Agtech, we make it possible.


World Bank statistics show that more than 70 percent of the worlds poor are rural dwellers, the majority of whom depend on agriculture for a living.


In the 21st century, maintaining a healthy food supply has become one of the most critical issues. Due to the emergence of global environmental issues, farming has to deal with a number of challenges, such as economic uncertainty, rising costs, limited resources, and rising chemical, fertilizer, and seed prices. Whereas, food production and the supply of food are key factors that influence the farming market’s growth, migration of labor, and economic outcomes.


Finding new methods and trying new ideas to enhance productivity play a significant role in profitable farming. On top of that, Innovative methods and techniques provide farmers with the opportunity to boost production while maintaining the sustainability of their farms.


In other words, an increase in agricultural productivity will also increase the efficiency of allocating scarce resources. For many reasons, it is crucial for farms to be productive.


The good news is that farmers still have a number of options in order to increase their productivity and profitability, despite the current economic climate, and we will explore just a few today.


It’s a shame that sustainable practices are never brought to farmers, so they continue to rely on traditional farming techniques, which never yield the highest farm production.


Aiming to improve the productivity of farms, Trace Agtech made its mark on the world of farming by providing a wide range of solutions to agribusinesses, from the start of an agricultural enterprise to its profitable growth.



Farm productivity



Trace Agtech strives to help farmers grow their farms to their fullest potential by providing a Trace farm management system designed to assist farmers in every stage of the farming process up to its profitable conclusion.


Although, we fully appreciate the hard work farmers put into their crops, unfortunately, traditional methods leave significant gaps in productivity that must be filled if we hope to improve food production.


Why Organizations Working At The Field Level Are Not Effective


It is probably no secret that there are a number of issues relating to the fact that many of the organizations that are present in the region at the field level generally lack effectiveness, with several factors contributing to this – some of which are as follows.


Factor #1: Many Agencies Lack Tools


Over the past few years, agricultural agencies have begun collecting data on key variables such as soil, crops, and weather conditions, but most lack the advanced tools needed to turn the raw data into information that can be used to drive decisions.


Factor #2: Farmer Communities Are Dispersed And Marginalized


It is unfortunate that farmer communities are marginalized and dispersed in less developed regions. As a result, they suffer from a lack of resources and are unable to assist each other in difficult situations.

Another factor causing problems is the absence of automation – either it’s done manually or involves a lack of modern technologies or equipment.


Problem #3: The Above Conditions Make Training Difficult


It is imperative for the organization to strive for success at the field level, but there are several challenges that must be overcome. Such as the two factors described earlier. A strong reliance on local or traditional know-how and superstitions when it comes to making agricultural decisions is likely to have detrimental effects on agribusiness.


For maximum efficiency, Trace Agtech has come up with a digital application and analytics to assist agribusinesses with farm productivity.


However, Trace Agtech strives to assist farmers and agribusinesses by developing software solutions that help agribusinesses at every stage of their farming career up to the point of profitability.


TraceAgtech provides dispersed and marginalized farmers with all the advanced technologies they require for a successful farming enterprise.


How Trace Agtech Can Help?


Trace Agtech aims to support both the small-scale farmers and agribusinesses that have the potential to flourish if they are provided with the right farm productivity tools and encouragement to improve the quality of their products and make them more marketable.


TraceAgtech is primarily aimed at serving the needs of agribusinesses, government agencies, nonprofit groups, and even a number of funding organizations, which cater to agricultural interests.


In an effort to facilitate this objective, Trace Agtech experts have developed a Trace Farm Management System that facilitates farming from the moment a crop is planted to the time it is harvested.


Trace Agtech software allows you to:


  • Know what types of pest diseases your crops are susceptible to.
  • Learn about crop diseases
  • Identify active ingredients
  • Find out about fertilizer
  • Keep farmers & field staff informed about various crop stages
  • View raw material reports
  • View activity report
  • Calculate costs
  • Estimate crop loss
  • Harvest data
  • Perform different crop-related activities
  • Create a practice package by selecting from different options
  • Keep track of farm activities
  • Access a training module
  • Check out training reports
  • Perform sample grading
  • Generate periodic reports, including samples, to keep track of farmers within the organization
  • Receive farm alerts that get escalated to the management of the organization etc


How These Farm Productivity Tools Can Help?


The advanced farm productivity features you’ll find in Trace Agtech are unmatched.


With Trace Agtech’s pest control system, you can easily collect pest data, analyze it, and the software will recommend appropriate control methods based on the analysis.


You can get your own diary as a field staff together with some of the best practices you could possibly need. Additionally, there will be a guide on food compliance that you’ll need no matter what you plan to do.


Furthermore, if communication with local farmers is a challenge due to their language, TraceAgtech offers a language tool that can assist.


In the app, farmers will receive alerts tailored to their individual needs informing them of the best course of action.


Trace Agtech’s Soil Monitoring System


With Trace Agtech’s soil and crop health monitoring systems, it’s easy to identify soil type, which contributes to the type of crops grown, as well as the crop’s quality. It is also important to note that soil degradation has increased with increased deforestation, resulting in a difficult determination of soil quality.


Trace Agtech’s Weather Forecasting Technology


In addition, you can use Trace Agtech’s weather forecasting technology, which will assist you in detecting weather patterns with more accuracy, which will be useful for farmers & the field staff who have trouble predicting the optimal time to start seeding. By using our program, farmers will be able to analyze weather conditions, enabling them to plan which crops to plant.


Trace Agtech’s Advanced Analytics and Precision:


Trace Agtech’s advanced analytics program assists farmers in accurately and efficiently managing their farms by providing farmers with relevant information related to crop cultivation, water management, harvesting at the right time, crop rotation, planting at the right time, pest attacks, and nutritional considerations.


Trace Agtech’s Advanced Support:


Trace Agtech’s advanced support system offers farmers & the field staff the chance to speak with a subject expert if they have any questions regarding crop issues.


Trace Agtech also provides support to farmers and other agribusinesses in improving the quality of the farm operations on a mobile app as well as a website, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.


With such solutions, both farmers and agribusinesses have the ability to meet the growing demands for sustainable food, and growth in revenues, while preserving precious natural resources.   

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