Microbiome and its Macro influence on CROPS, SOIL and SUSTAINABILITY!

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Jul 10, 2021 - 3 min read

Microbiome and its Macro influence on CROPS, SOIL and SUSTAINABILITY!

Microbiomes are the coterie of microorganisms that live in a single habitat, like parts of the human body, marine ecology, soil system etc. Microbiomes play a significant role in keeping our entire ecosystem healthy by aiding our agricultural and food systems as well as sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation. June 27 is celebrated worldwide as the World Microbiome Day to bring awareness about the importance of microbiomes and prevent activities that disrupt their ecosystems.

How are Microbiomes inevitable to agriculture and agribusinesses? The reasons are many,

    -Improved utilization of water and soil nutrients
    -Immunity against diseases and pests
    -Boosts overall plant health


    -Many microbiomes are used for biological control of pest/diseases, thereby reducing the need to apply harmful chemicals


  • SOIL
    -Houses crucial nitrogen fixing bacteria
    -Microbiota that breaks other complex nutrients for easier absorption
    -Highly localized microbiota that aids in cultivation of local varieties of crops


  • SEED
    -Beneficial for healthy germination and future growth


    -Breaks down and absorbs harmful carbon compounds
    -Aides in land regeneration
    -Breaks Down harmful chemicals and pesticides


It is our responsibility to protect and nurture this microbiome. Many of our careless practices adversely affects them:

-Invasive species of pests
-Unsuitable fertilizers
-Overuse of pesticides containing harsh chemicals
-Climate change
-Unscientific agricultural practices


But worry not, for we have a solution.

In order to sustain a healthy agroecosystem with its own special microbiome it is imperative to plan ahead of the cultivation and until the end of the food supply chain. A smart software for farm management can help you implement good practices that support the microbiomes. The Farm Management Software can be a medium through which you can train your field staff as well as the farmers on the importance of Microbiome and how you can protect it. The Farm Management Software can also help to monitor and ensure that the recommended practices are followed correctly at each of the below activities:

-Soil preparation
-Soil PH testing and PH correction
-Right dosage of fertilizers and pesticides
-Right components choice of chemicals to control pest/disease
-Irrigation techniques
-Scientific storage and supply that does not harm the microbiota
-Weather forecasting for preparedness during adverse conditions
-Identification and treatments for invasive species of microbes



To summarize, microbiomes offer sophisticated symbiotic relationships with agricultural ecosystems that increases plant health and consequently increases yield and productivity. A farm management software can assist in nurturing the microbiomes with its sophisticated tools with an easy user interface.

The compliance with sustainability goals in agriculture is the cherry on top when aiding the development of microbiomes in agriculture.


Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

Lets talk to make it happen.

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