World Environment Health Day 2021: Cleaner Environment for a Greener Future

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Sep 24, 2021 - 3 min read



The International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) has declared 26th September as World Environmental Health Day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and nurturing a healthy environment. This year’s theme for the World Environmental Health Day is – Prioritizing Environmental Health for Healthier Communities in Global Recovery.

As we all are aware, our environment takes a huge toll from many human activities that could be irreparable if left unchecked. Only a healthy environment can yield healthy people and only a greener planet is a healthier planet. Since agriculture is inextricably connected to the environment, making sustainable changes in farming can positively impact our nature.


So what can farmers do to make the environment healthy again?


Plenty! And it all begins with optimizing the usage of resources and what better way to achieve this than using the latest technology that is specifically evolving for agriculture.

Here are some ways for farmers to improve the environmental health:


  1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) or Drones: UAVs or drones can be used to access remote areas for sowing seeds, managing plants and monitoring the crop. Thus, even remote and barren areas can be turned green again.
  2. A Farm Management Software (FMS) is an easy to use platform that can bring together a whole range of latest technology that focuses not only on the best performance but also the most sustainable means to achieve it. Amongst a host of other useful features, an FMS has a sustainable module to implement and monitor the sustainable policies of an agribusiness. It can help in maintaining the environmental health in the following ways:


Localized cultivation techniques: A Farm Software can be used to customize the cultivation practices according to the specifications of the farmland and the resources that are locally available. For instance, using a variety of seed most suitable for the local conditions, the right variety of fertilizers suitable for the soil, optimal use of water and the right kind of environment friendly practices suitable for the local pests can be administered to get the best results without adversely impacting nature.

Optimal usage of resources: A Farm Management Software is programmed to use the right amount of farm inputs to achieve the desired effect. So there is no overuse of chemicals that will lead to pollution.

Waste treatment: The Farm Software maintains the health of the Microbiome by helping in regulating the treatment and disposal of the waste from contaminating the water bodies or soil around the farm. Since the usage of chemicals are also regulated, there is less chance of contamination to the ecosystem.



To conclude, it is our responsibility to give back what we take from our environment. By using the latest technology for cultivation, the negative impact of farming on the environment can be reduced and even reversed. Companies like Trace Agtech provide complete software solutions to manage your contract farms, maintain traceability and also enable sustainable agriculture that helps you go green while you sow dreams.

Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

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