Increase Agricultural Profitability with Machine Learning!

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Oct 12, 2021 - 4 min read

Increase Agricultural Profitability with Machine Learning!




Machine Learning is an offshoot of Artificial Intelligence that simulates human brain in understanding data and making decisions. True to its name, Machine Learning is a computer algorithm that is programmed to automatically learn and improve without obviously programming its workings and outcomes. It can therefore make better decisions from data handling, and becomes more accurate with more experience.




Machine Learning has great scope in agricultural activities that can improve productivity and increase profitability of an agribusiness. Machine Learning when combined with other Artificial Intelligence tools, like Data Analysis, can propel your agribusiness to the forefront of the economy through its wide range of applications on areas ranging from land usage to crop health.

A Farm Management Software integrates the different applications and overlapping data to derive meaningful conclusions for agricultural decision making.

Here are some of the main applications of Machine Learning in Agriculture:


Agricultural Mapping

Satellite imaging technology can be used to geographically map the farm area and digitally manage farm coordinates by Geo Tagging. There are multiple utilities to this like,


This enables you to determine the yield per hectare by looking at the crop health, soil conditions and chemicals used in each area of land. The quality of the yield can also be predicted and plans can be made accordingly for the future processing activities.


  • Land Resource Management:

All data regarding each square inch of your property is available right at your fingertips to help you decide how to utilize each corner of your plot. The most fertile patch of land and the barren areas can be differentiated and customized care administered accordingly. This guarantees efficiency in Irrigation and administration of Fertilizers and Pesticides.


Machine Learning and advanced data processing software can predict valuable information regarding crop management. Analysis of figures can yield profitable models of farm activity through a computer system that is otherwise invisible to the human gaze. A Farm Management Software can predict customized farming models that guarantees success for your farm based on the resources under your disposal.


Predictive Analytics, Remote Sensing and Internet of Things(IOT) comes together to deliver a smart farming technology known as Precision Farming that enables you to provide the best individual care for each plant on your farm without the cost that it would incur if it were done manually.

  • Remote sensing can detect crop diseases, pest infestations and weed growth right at the beginning.
  • Soil and climate conditions are also collected and analyzed through sensors to determine the irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide administration for each square area of a given crop. Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and other tools are used for this purpose.


  • Crop Genetics

Machine Learning enables farmers to identify crop varieties that are the most suited for their purpose. A Farm Management Software can differentiate between different varieties of seeds to determine which is the most effective one that can thrive in the soil and atmospheric conditions of your land by looking at available data regarding the growth and harvest of the said crop in different regions. It can even help you develop your own specific type of seeds by combining desirable traits from different varieties.


Trace Agtech is a trusted provider of Machine Learning enabled agricultural software solutions. They can equip your agribusiness for cost effective farm management using minimal human interference but maximum efficiency through their Farm Management Software (FMS) powered by Machine Learning. The wealth of experience when coupled with the newest technology is what makes Trace Agtech a promising front player in the field of agricultural software solutions.



Machine Learning technology has effectively modernized and simplified farming. When combined with other technologies like Robotics, Data Analysis etc., it provides a farming experience unlike ever before by minimizing human interference without compromising on the quality. The fact that it can also be tuned to match the sustainable quotient of your farm activity comes as the final flourish.

Want to get an efficient Farm Management Software for your agribusiness?

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