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Sresta Organics   Starting in 2004, Sresta’s mission is to promote sustainable livelihood for the farmers along with a healthy lifestyle for the consumers and contribute to a better ecology as a whole with a focus on creating means of sustainability for the farmers.  They set about addressing two key areas- farmers and the products. For the farmers their efforts addressed issues of creating communities for farmers who are committed to the cause of organic farming, ensuring continuing means of livelihood and building mutually beneficial relationships with the farmers. For products, they adopted a farm to fork approach to ensure farmers produce 100% Organic products and the same was brought to their customers. It has been a challenging, but remarkable journey for them from 2004 to now.  Today they train and support 34,016 farmers cultivating on 194,627 acres across 12 States.


The sheer volume of farmers and the field executives meant having multiple levels of responsibility.  The Multiple Farmer Groups under a Field Executive.  Multiple Field Executives report to a Supervisor.  Multiple Supervisors report to a Manager and so on.


Personnel under each level of hierarchy need access to mobile application to farmers coming under their responsibility.  The field visits of each of them need to be logged in through the mobile app.


A very effective reporting structure that takes into account the multiple roles at the field and managerial levels.


  • Each Field Exective can see reports Farmer Group wise
  • Each supervisor can view reports Farmer Group wise or Field Executive wise
  • Each Manager can view reports Farmer Group wise or Field Executive wise or Supervisor wise
  • Each level can mark attendance during field visit by using the Visit Report feature.

As an organisation and their projects grow, it is imperative that tracking and monitoring responsibilities get allocated to various levels.  The Trace AgTech platform should enable such a business process and hierarchy.  We studied the deliverables and requirements of each level and incorporated the tracking and monitoring features into Trace AgTech

  • Managing the large field force and their reporting officers became very easy
  • Quality of the field visits is ensured through numerous control measures
  • System to check even if a single farmer is left out by any Field Executive
  • Automated Feedback/Audit forms easily deployable to evaluate the effectiveness of the program


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