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Synthite Industries Limited, established in 1972, was a family owned conglomerate based in Kerala, India. It processed and supplied a wide range of spices in diverse forms like whole, powder, oil and oleoresin. Its product range included pepper, red chili, nutmeg and ginger. Synthite pioneered the Spice Oleoresin trade in India account for more than 30% share in the global Oleoresin market.   As one of the world’s leading suppliers of food ingredients, Synthite is synonymous with impeccable product quality tailored to client specifics. The challenges go beyond technological capabilities and sometimes demand adapting to ever changing agro-climatic conditions.   To ensure good quality of their produce, Synthite integrated backwards.  They believed that good quality raw materials can be assured only by  training farmers and making them sustainable. Through this raw material sustainability initiative, Synthite works closely with the local farmers and provides them full education and support. They document the farmer data and follow a coding system for their produce. This allows them to extend our control over the quality of the raw ingredients and maintain complete traceability.


Synthite believes in continuous improvement.  Be it the productivity, farm profitability or the quality of the farm produce.  But tracking and comparing performance over the years was a big hurdle.  The management team had to crunch the numbers manually to monitor the year by year progress.

  • Trace AgTech stores and makes available year wise data to Synthite.
  • Reports will be provided to track year wise performance of all of the critical parameters.
  • All reports will be available as a Summary Table, Detailed Report and in a Graphical form.
  • All reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis.
  • All graphs can be downloaded for use in reports, PPTs, etc

Based on the insights from Corbel’s directors who has over 30 years of experience in managing contract farms and farmers, Trace AgTech already had built in features for plotting year wise progress.  This covers the critical parameters such as the change in area coverage, no.of farmers, quantity produced, no.of crops taken up, productivity of the farm, average expense, average profitability, % of quality conformance, farmer loyalty, etc.

  • Better control of the project progress over the years.
  • Identify weak areas and focus on them for continuous improvement
  • Easily showcase project efficacy and efficiency to clients
  • Better target setting for next year.

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