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International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA)   ICCOA is a knowledge and learning center promoting organic agriculture and agribusiness. It provides a platform for interaction to all stakeholders in the organic sector   With over 18 years of experience and expertise working with all the players in the organic sector – from farmers, traders, research and academic institutions to governments and policy makers, ICCOA proudly claims to be leader in the organic sector. They have a presence across 24 states of India, helped nearly 2 lakh farmers to convert 1.30 lakh hectares into organic farming and facilitated formation of 190 FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisation) with nearly 96,000 farmers


As they are working through FPOs, their requirements are a bit different from what is offered by a standard farm traceability platform.  Their unique requirements are:

  • Ability to manage the FPOs and the numerous farmer groups or the ICSs under each of them.
  • Provide farm inputs to farmers on credit or after collecting money.  Maintain a farmer ledger to adjust the dues against the final purchase of farm produce from the farmer.
  • Through the software the FPOs should be able to Buy the produce from the farmers.
  • Need for a farm level ERP system for processing the farm goods for value addition into saleable commodities
  • A proper inventory management system
  • An eCommerce platform to help market the organic produce procured and processed from the farmers

Solution Offered by Corbel

Trace AgTech, our farm traceability software was upgraded to build in these features.  Now ICCOA can :

  • Track data against each ICS
  • Distribute farm inputs
  • Maintain farmer wise ledger
  • Source farm produce from farmers
  • Process and pack them into value added products
  • Maintain full traceability of these products all the way down to field level activities
  • Offer these products for sale to customers

We understand the need for an end to end solution, especially for FPOs.  Unlike corporates, they cannot afford to have a separate ERP system to manage their processing operations.  Accordingly new modules for Logistics, inventory management and operations were built into Trace AgTech

  • Using a single platform ICCOA can monitor multiple farmer groups/FPOs
  • Set uniform parameters for all the FPOs from the admin panel
  • Each FPO can manage their training, sourcing, processing, inventory, etc independently.


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